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What are you holding in your hand?

If it’s not the TV remote, steering wheel, a computer mouse, a fork or a mobile phone then you’re either asleep or dead.

Unless, and this is the really great bit, unless you are filling your car with fuel.

That precious three-minute slot in life when you are relaxed, passive and open to suggestion. Three minutes of undivided attention when we put advertising messages right there, in people’s hands.

Our fuel nozzle media is unmissable. Our team is unbeatable. Our future is unbelievable.

Phone based selling, an exclusive product, and an enthusiastic team. We love sales here, but we love sales training more. In a business of just 25 people, we have a full-time sales trainer and our MD used to be a sales trainer. In time, together, we’ll grow into an elite team. You could grow with us.

We’re a small business with big ideas. We’re a 20 year-old, itching to reach full adulthood and get out there in the big wide world. Like a lot of youngsters, we don’t do politics, we’re sociable, and we’re full of energy.

We hire people who share these values. We don’t hire people full of buzzwords and bullshit.

In short, we need doers. Especially people who want to do it in sales.

Sales performance is recognised with anything from a hearty pat on the back and a glass of something bubbly to lunches in London’s finest restaurants, incentives and monthly social events.

Oh, and money. Hopefully more money than you’ve earned before.

No previous sales experience necessary – just lots of drive, character and a sense of humour.

If you’d like to explore working here, drop us a quick line at: